‣ I'll be able to make a theme for your original character (from Final Fantasy XIV, Dungeons & Dragons, VTuber, etc.). You can DM me on Twitter or Discord (beepo#3167) if you're interested!
‣ You can disclose whether you want your commission to be posted on social media, or to be private.
‣ Your commission will be made as a .wav file.
‣ No cancellation or refunds once I start the commission.
‣ Commissions may take about 1 - 3 weeks.
‣ Providing details or a backstory about your character helps a lot so feel free to tell me! You can also tell me the preferred instruments or elements that you'd like in your song (besides vocals, my voice is no goog :c).
‣ If you choose to get a full theme I'll be sending half of the song to hear what it sounds like so far.
‣ Commissions are currently a new thing for me so patience would be appreciated! If there are any issues, I'll make sure to update you regarding the request.
‣ A 50% down payment or full payment must be offered before I start the commission.
‣ Payments can be made through PayPal or Kofi.


These are a collection of songs that I've completed/composed from 2022 to 2023!


Commission TypePrice
A short preview of your theme (1 minute)$60.00
Full theme (2 minutes)$120.00